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Our Core Products

Primarily, LEOCO Industries Sdn Bhd manufactures its core products, being custom-made wire harnesses and cable assembly, which are environmental friendly products by using labour intensive & machinery intensive as follows:

Major Product List

  • IDC Wire Assemble

  • Audio Speaker Wire Assemble

  • Air Conditioner Wire Harness

  • Computer Lead/Shield Wire Assemble

  • Telephone Line Cord Wire Harness

  • Power Supply Cord Assemble

  • Harness / Connector Wire

  • Flat Cable Wire Assemble

  • Processed Wire Assemble

  • Signal Cable Assemble
  • Our Promise of Quality

    At LEOCO, we believe that quality is an ongoing process which requires attentive attention to keep its level of excellence. As such, international standards are complied as follows:

    - May, 1997 CSA Certification Program of Wiring Harness, CSA No: LR 110268-1
    - July, 1997 UL Certification, UL No: E 185707, E 185708
    - May, 2000 Implemented ISO 9001 : 1994 Standards
    - May, 2002 Upgraded & Implemented ISO 9001 : 2000 Standards Certificate No: 601088
    - March, 2003 Sony's Green Partnership Award - Environmental Quality Assurance System

    Assessment, an indication of their recognised viability and potential in today's market scenario. Plus, we emphasise on prompt delivery of our products to our respected and growing client base. It is perhaps this punctual delivery which has ensured repeat-sales generated for these services

    Our Production Facilities

    1) Fully Auto IDC Machines
    2) Semi-Auto IDC Machines
    3) Fully-Auto Cutting and Crimping Machines
    4) Semi-Auto Cutting Machines
    5) Semi-Auto Crimping Machines
    6) Ultrasonic Welding Machines
    7) Injection Machine

    Measurement Equipments:
    1) Dial Caliper/Micrometer
    2) Digimatic Caliper/Micrometer
    3) Push and Pull Gauge Tester
    4) Digital Thermometer
    5) Microscope
    Testing Equipments:
    1) Ultron Cable Wire Tester
    2) High-Pot Tester
    Supplementary Equipments:
    1) Digital Weighing Machine (Bar Code System)
    2) Auto Stripping & Air Stripping Machine
    3) Feeder Machine
    4) Semi-Auto Wire-Twisting Machines
    5) Tin Pot


    Our Outlooks Towards The Future

    With the recent expansion activities, which the company have embarked upon, we are confident of making further impact upon the industry, all towards playing a positive role in nation building.

    Our Potential Product List

  • FFC
  • Our Quality Policy

    LEOCO Industries Sdn Bhd is committed to continuous Quality Improvement in our process, products and services and meanwhile to provide competitive prices for our valued customer.